Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of dog day care? Doggy Day care provides all of the activity and socialisation that dogs need to be happy and healthy individuals. Dogs, like humans, are highly social creatures that prefer to live in groups, called “packs.” Due to hectic lives, many people find it difficult to meet all of their dog’s specific needs and that is where we come in!

How do I book for your services? We request that you complete a booking form, providing your contact information and your dog’s background, and a record of your dog’s vaccination history. If you are unable to provide a vaccination record, with your approval we will contact your veterinarian directly for the information. Once received we will book your dog in for a temperament test.

May I tour the facility beforehand? Of course! We encourage you to come for a tour and meet the staff. All we ask is that you call to book an appointment.

What hours are available for daycare? We are open for dog day care between 7:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. weekdays.

Do I need a reservation for day care? We ask that all dogs are prebooked for day care to allow correct allocation of staff, however we understand that occasionally you may need us in an emergency and as long as your dog is registered with us we will try to accommodate any last minute needs.

How often should my dog attend day care? Some dogs attend every day without a problem, while other dogs may come once weekly. We find it best to use our services regulary in order for your dog to feel comfortable and relaxed with us and our other guests.

Are you fully insured to look after my dog? Yes, our insurance covers public liability along with care and custody of dogs.

Will my dog be fully supervised? All dogs are under constant supervision to ensure we provide a safe, secure yet fun environment that caters for their individual needs.

How do you know my dog will get on with the other guests? We assess all guests during an initial temperament test and only allow sociable guests to use the facilities. This process means it is unlikely your dog will encounter any problems and we pride ourselves on how well the pack integrates with each other.

Do you accept puppies? Yes, puppies are very welcome after 12 weeks provided they are fully vaccinated.

What if I need to cancel? Just let us know, we do not charge for cancelled sessions provided we are given 24 hours notice.

What if there is an emergency? In the unlikely event of an emergency, once the situation is under control and all guests are safe, we will call you with our initial assessment and if urgent take your dog to your nominated vet for treatment.

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