Doggy Day Care

Work and social commitments often mean we have to leave our dogs home alone, sometimes for long periods of time which can lead them to experience loneliness, boredom and separation anxiety.

Stay & Play Doggy Day care provides the perfect answer to this problem by giving your dog the freedom to exercise and socialise with other dogs in a safe and secure, fun environment manned by true dog lovers that will give them lots of love, fuss and attention.

Dogs love to exercise and its often hard to fulfil this need in todays hectic world. At Stay and Play we ensure they have the space and stimulation to satisfy this desire. we structure the day to include games and activities to encourage them to play and learn. Exercise doesn’t only keep your dog physically fit it also occupies their minds reducing destructive behavioural problems that can occur such as chewing.

All dogs benefit from regular socialisation with other dogs, at stay and play your dog will develop socialisation skills by playing and resting! with other dogs from many different breeds. We are happy to look after more reserved pets as they usually come out of their shell in a day or two.

Doggy Day care vs Dog Walking Services

Stay & Play doggy day care is a great alternative to dog walking services, your pooch will be cared for throughout the day by fully trained staff with a true love of dogs. You will have the peace of mind knowing your pet is staying in a safe, yet fun environment with other dogs for company and still getting lots of exercise.

Doggy Day care encourages your dog to:

  • Play safely with other dogs in a controlled safe environment,
  • Expend energy that may cause destructive or unwanted behaviours at home
  • Be stimulated mentally and physically through active play
  • Help a less social dog become more confident in public

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